Friday, March 23, 2012

NYC Travels - The iphone Series

As the saying goes "only tourist stop and look up"  in NYC.  Well, let's
     re-phrase that to include "only tourist and photographers look up in NYC".

Most often I'm hustling down 42nd street at 5th Avenue to catch a train at Grand Central Station. And inadvertently my eyes are always drawn to the majestic pinnacle of the Chrysler Building.  I tend to slow down the pace just enough to "look up" and take in the grandeur of the architecture.  The art deco aluminum and steel capping of the Chrysler Building with its projecting gargoyles framed by the silhouette of American eagle  perched on the front of Grand Central Terminal.  On this particular day when the light was just right and the sky just the right shade of blue,  I was rewarded by looking up just long enough to frame and compose this beautiful image  and still manage to catch my train.

Some days its good to be a tourist in NYC.

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