Monday, March 26, 2012

The Head Shot

The almighty head shot for the photographer and or the client can be a very simple thing of a shoot.
Light it, style it, frame it, capture that look of an expression that portrays the subjects objective or personality. All the while keeping it simple. You either get or you don't.

By definition a head shot is a photographic technique that focuses on the person's face.  It can also be a specific type of portrait.  When successful it should render the person as they are.

Head shots as identification is frontal, facing the camera with little background presence and the face being central with minimum expression.  In the entertainment industry of film, television, singers, theater, actors and models these head shots tend to be artist portraying the subject in the best possible circumstances.
Any number of different expressions and poses or looks as they are called are taken. With regards to models,  television and film actors and actresses the head shot could be a glamour or beauty look.  The corporate head shot  is similar to the actor in  that is should be flattering, bordering beauty attractiveness but indicating  character  and professionalism.

This business head shot has much of these qualities. A very flattering fresh lighting. The background has a touch of artistic unfocused color. The subject is expressive and conveying a professional look with the jacket lapels  and soft focus necklace.

A good head shot is worth a thousand words.

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  1. Beautiful in its apparent simplicity.