Thursday, March 15, 2012

iPad - Toast of the Town & Other Musings

Years ago  I conceded that I enjoyed looking a photographs for the shear pleasure and hope of being
visually transported . If the photograph was successful there was not a need for caption nor
description. At times it hindered the experience, got in the way and on some occasions  minimized the image all together.

As a photographer is has always been a concern of mine that we photographers can take the photograph yet not talk about the photograph. The  technical data of camera, film, ISO, lens and shutter speeds. That's all there. But what about the secrets. Why click the shutter, what exist outside the framing, not only a recorded confrontation. Some significance as to why the chosen subject and the intent.
But like all art this is based on sufficiency; of the artist, the time and culture of the artist not to over look the audience and its relationship to the artist , furthermore the audience knowledge of the art. It should be self explanatory. And from a critical writing standpoint you can not have good writing without good art.

Case in point, the iconic ipad for all is bells and whistles none causes more consternation amongst
photographers than is picture taking abilities. It has redefined how we take, view and see photographs.
At this particular venue, with hundreds of people gathered together and the excitement is high energy, the casualness with which the ipad presents itself. You simple rise it, frame and "capture".  The large image harkens back to the impact an 8 X10 view camera made with the added exception that the image is not inverted. The manicured hands and the big ring add chicness to the  device.   The repeated viewer on the right  looking both back and forward with a raised  glass and a wink that a new model ipad is due in stores soon.

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