Monday, May 21, 2012

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Jacque Henri Lartigue , June 13, 1894 - September 12, 1986, the celebrated French photographer was something of a prodigy at age 7, which is when he began to photograph his own life, consisting of family, friends and activities within it.

As a child he was consumed by motion and movement. Many of the  subjects he photographed were of play - running, jumping, wheeled soap box racing, kite gliders and early aeroplanes flights. He also photographed auto racing.

His only publication "Diary of A Century, edited by Richard Avedon,  contain images of gaiety and a certain joie de vivre, as perhaps only the French can.  One would assume that he was a rather happy and engaging person.

Below are his thoughts on happiness cira 1900 ;

"Happiness is not an elusive bird, perched high near the ceiling, which, with the help of more or less complicated ladders, you have to work top catch.

Happiness is an element, which like air, is everywhere. . .

Provided you don't run after it too hard and too long, you'll find it's right there, within reach, all the time . . . . waiting for you to take it."

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