Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cindy Sherman - Zietgist or Chameleon

The retrospective of photographer Cindy Sherman currently on view at the Museum  of Modern Art in New York City, through 11 June is not to be  missed.  It is packed densely with works from a very prolific artist that has kept busy at breathe taking speed for the past 35 years.

It is an intimate and wildly provocative show of urgency and provocation.  Armed with costumes, wigs, make - up technique, accessories, props,  masks and prosthetic body parts,  Sherman attacks every possible lexicon of the female stereotypes as housewife, sex kitten, girl Friday Admin', tourist and society Madame.  Consequently, she has conventional control with fashion, art history, centerfolds, pornography, portraiture, fairy tales, horror movie and comedy.

The show consist of five galleries series. It has been a fact that Cindy Sherman worked alone in her studio and that she appears in nearly all her works, which has proven very popular with collectors, there was a period 1908 - the 90"s that she  removed her from center and replaced herself with mask, ooze, prosthetic body parts, dummies. Many are dark and arresting.

Amongst my favorites are the colorful clowns, 2002 - 2004, complete with abstract backgrounds and digital alterations.  Conversely, the historical portraits are my least  of interest, commercially very popular.

The show is a great opportunity to see what it takes to be an important gifted artist.

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