Monday, January 16, 2012

MLK Day 2012

It was nearly 3 years ago to this date that I stood  with my mother-in-law and many thousand of others on a very cold January morning and watched President Barack Obama be sworn in as our 44th president.

The President's Presidential Proclamation speech spoken to mark this year's MLK Day included these
words ", , , we are the benefactors of an extraordinary legacy of progress."

Many of us traveled great distances to be present at the inauguration.  We stood shoulder to shoulder in
the dark night waiting to assure ourselves a  place on the mall.  As the sun rose on the dawn of a new day cheers roared out from the crowds of people, bearing witness to history.

Amongst all of this I heard someone  say, "what would Martin think of this , he (Obama) has Martin to thank for this, ,  ."

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  1. Oh my dear, I so remember that day. It was exciting, amazing, beyond cold, inspiring, full of humor and joy. Next January won't be as exciting as the first time Obama got in but we'll settle for the second time. Plan on going with your mother in law again and this time we'll take Quinn.