Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Photographic Serendipity

The  setting of this photograph brings to mind two things, a song by Paul Simon entitled "How Can You Live In The Northeast " from his current CD Surprise and the story of Siddhartha  by the German writer Herman Hesse.

The small town that I live in here in the northeast is bordered by this river called the Hudson River and a row of low mountain ranges , the highest being Mt. Beacon . The story goes George Washington used it as a sentry point to signal that the red coats were approaching as they sailed down the river.

The story of Siddhartha deals with the spiritual journey of an Indian man Siddhartha in the time of Budda. The overriding message of the book is the summation of living conscious events that leads to a participatory ,  learning and knowledgeable ,  experienced life. Thus bring about enlightenment.

Apart from the sometimes challenging winters here in the northeast ,  I find it provides an environment steeped in culture,  beauty and history.  Its proximity to NYC can not be compared ,  coupled to that the train ride into NYC is rated as one of the top ten in the USA.

Photographically, it has been a very rewarding experience. Take this image for example - as I walked upon  this view at dusk experience and the senses emerge ,  suddenly I 'm framing , editing , positioning myself , waiting for the  moment to press the shutter . A runner appears and takes a position as the   "saintly old  fool " who sat at rivers edge in the story of Siddhartha and the photograph is complete.

More so ,  the great Irving Penn portrait photographer was said to decline many a subjects because he felt they  lacked experience he sought in a face.  Matthew Rolston another great photographer has said experience means little to him.  " Each day I approach my work as if it is the first day on the set ". But this too is an experience.


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