Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Passion vs Purpose

John Chapman aka Johnny Appleseed , the american nurseryman as legend has it was said to have spread apple trees throughout parts of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.  He was also a missionary for The New Church or Swedenborgian Church.

Eugene Atget the French photographer is best know for his large body of work documenting much of French culture, its buildings, people, landscapes and country sides. He even had a fondness for apple trees, photographing them on many different occasions.

Most passions that consume our time and energy is not always looked upon as work, yet we may toil at it for many years without the financial benefits and rewards expected.  It is an undertaking that satisfies a more personable need, to get it right or it can be as simple as  leaving something behind, better than it was before we were here.  We do it because it is the one thing that we do best.

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