Thursday, July 21, 2011

Traditions, the wedding cake feed

The wedding cake feed must rank near the top of wedding events. Next to what  the bride is wearing,  the size of the decorated  cake and its placement at the reception,  the tradition  of feeding  wedding cake to one another is a must see and do ceremony for most brides and grooms.

The tradition is said to date back as far as Roman Empire times, where a slice of rye bread was feed to the groom to show commitment and obedience. He in turn broke the loaf over the brides head to illustrate his dominance.  In England there was the custom to pile up sweet breads and cakes between the newlyweds as they attempted to kiss one another without knocking them down.  And in France this became a tower of sweets known as Croquembouche. The gesture to feed  one another cake is a symbol of the commitment the bride and groom are making. The color of the cake has been typically white to symbolize purity.

The feed has given way to the smash or an attempt to smash, as be the case in this photograph.
He is not quite sure to press ahead or not judging from the twinkling dare in his loving brides eyes.

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