Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Street Photography As Sport

You often hear in sports  players and athletics speak of letting the game come to them.  Of not forcing the move or play, to just lay back, be in the game though, to just be ready, go with the flow, you will know it when see or feel it, and then make the move and score.  Click!

The ebb and flow, give and take of sports is also somewhat similar to photography especially when shooting on the streets.  There is a physical fleeting movement often required if one is to capture the "fleeting moment".  Cartier-Bresson, the great French photographer, was said to move about as a nimble dancer. If you have every had the good fortune to catch Bill Cummingham the NY Times photographer documenting the latest fashions on 5th Avenue, its a sight to behold.  Darting in and out and all around the moving target; framing , composing and all the while capturing the image.

As the case was with this particular photograph, I was bounded by zooming traffic on one side and walled in by those now defunct coin telephone obstructions that line the street corners of New York City.  They serve as mini billboard advertisements and shelter to eat a hot dog on the run.

Nonetheless, the elements of a photograph can come together at an instant.  One only has to be ready for the fun of the game to begin.

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