Friday, April 6, 2012

The FlatIron Building - iPhone Travel Series

The FlatIron Building or Fuller Building, named after George A Fuller, " the father of skyscrapers " as it was originally called sits at the corner of Fifth Avenue,  Broadway and East 22nd street. 23rd glances the triangular northern peak.

Its best vantage point for viewing is exiting the N or R subway as you walk up the stairs. Its the worms eye view of a grand vertical Renaissance palazzo with Beaux-Arts styling.

The limestone facade at the bottom changes to glazed terra - cotta as the floors rise.  Its ironic that a  structure conceptionalized like a Greek classical column takes its name  from its resemblance to a cast - iron clothes iron.

As the saying goes the best camera to use is the one with you.  Within its limits the iphone is always surprising me with its ability to render color and detail.  And in this case the lens flair that washes in from upper left corner lends itself as leading line to the highlighted dome in the lower right of the image. It gives a balance to an otherwise contrasty textured photograph.