Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Women & Photography


It is currently fashion week in New York. This means traffic slows even more on the avenue as models,
designers, reporters, writers, photographers and other hangers on increase the need to hail  taxi's and attempt be some place " oh, so 15 minutes ago".

What is noticeable but not nearly as new and news worthy is the increase attention given to the number of women now shooting coverage of the shows.   Although women have worked in all photographic  genres
their subjects differ greatly. One way to look at this is to understand personal and social experiences  that lead women to make visual choices contingent on contexts and relationships.

Intertwined issues of class and gender together with the difference between middle-class camera women
and the women who choses to model and or for male photographers.  Either case the time could not be
better suited for making photographic history as well as cultural history.

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