Friday, February 3, 2012

Resolution # 2 0 1 2

Its right about now that it all starts to come into question. The groundhog has seen its shadow and deemed it six more weeks of winter. Cuss. There goes the  goals. You know those to do with outs, the life improving issues as to be more vigilant at the gym. The  resolutions we make every New Years Eve in unison as we sip and toast one more attempt to regain what we feel we have lost.  The truth is that resolutions are meant to be broken. And compared to other cultures making them spoils a  good night out.  Yet Americans are the ones with resolution obsession.  When we talk about resolutions we're speaking
about the distance between the way we would like to imagine ourselves and the reality it is.

A resolution is what most of us never get. Resolutions are about resolving to resolve. The best
resolutions are the ones in which we wish we were doing something other than resolving something.

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  1. That looks like your wife. Kris has never had one dessert where two would be better. Love