Monday, December 19, 2011

Serial Photography

Serial or themed imagery is a useful exercise to help improve your photographic skills.
Multiple images of one subject or a common theme challenges both the photographer and viewer to
look more closely and decisively. Comparative seeing, mental sorting of similarities and differences
between subject can strengthen the creative vision as well.

Early serial works by photographer Eadweard J. Muybridge,  (9 April 1830 - 8 May 1904 ) of a galloping horse when once put in motion revealed that  great mystery of the horses all four legs off the ground at once.

Walker Evans ( 3 November 1935 - April 10, 1975 ) the great American photographer used serial
photography for his series  of New York City subway photographs.  Also used in medical and other
sciences to show the progression or deterioration by comparison.

Serial photography is not to be confused with sequential photography.  In sequential images depict
stages of change.  Serial images represent  any number of images with similarities with no particular
reference to time.

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