Friday, October 7, 2011

Steve Jobs - A Celebration of Life

I have read a fair share of the comments and opinions regarding the recent death of Steve Jobs.
They have been all across the broad from genius , visionary / visionaire, anarchic promoter who skipped labor laws with Chinese assembly of Apple products, to a devoted father / husband. His impact on the world at large is being calculated.

I can remember those early years when photography production went digital. Each shot required a 5 or 3 shot  pass before the image was latent, so to say.  The cataloguing was lengthy path work, while retouching  was chaotic work flow.

The one thing  he helped most was to make the world in some ways more creatively democratic.
Those who once thought art creation, photography, graphic design,  music or film making was unobtainable are not even thinking twice before starting that new career .

There is a huge vacuum in his place for what he contributed to the world. The lost of a loved one at any age and especially his  premature death most  be devastating for his family. And who among will admit to having a very personal relationship with our Apple device.

  After all is said and done I would hope that a New Orleans "Second Line" send off would be in order. After all  for the one person who revolutionize the way we listen, share and purchase music he would have an unlimited playlist to choose from.

Steve Jobs
1955 - 2011

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