Monday, September 5, 2011

Ways of Looking

The subjects of photography are infinite, obviously.  Every second , somewhere on the planet someone is releasing a shutter,  capturing something.  For whatever  reason be it a face, gesture, landscape, mood, the  " Kilroy "  situation,  I was here if only passing through, something calls out  "take my picture ".

How we take the picture signifies it as an event and its uniqueness.  Moreover, how the picture is framed and captured separates it from casual to serious photography.

Thanks to the improved quality within smart phones ,  the dedicated video only camera has nearly been eliminated. The once celebrated Mini HD video camera was sold  and has since stopped production.  When was the last time you saw someone wielding one or any video camera for that matter.

The question to ask is can the point and shoot camera be next. I say yes it can.  After all, security body searches makes us  all want to travel lighter, if only to boost the aesthetic experience.

  Casual picture taking meaning to frame and compose the image away from your eye, 'click', - not really looking at the photograph, as opposed to actively framing, composing the image and seeing the photography, be it with a dark cloth over your head as is the case with old fashion large format sheet film photography or with the camera against your eye peering through a view finder as in the case of  single lens reflex photography.

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