Friday, July 29, 2011

The Face as Still-Life

When I think of the great many portrait photographers,  Avedon, Penn, Halsman, Karsh, and  Rolston to name a few of my favorites and in no particular order nor necessarily confined to studio either -
but sharing one thing in common is their great technical skills, their quick open empathic judgement to a certain degree, intuitively alert to what may be happening behind the face, if not a lively and accessible ability to capture a surface to ponder - facial structure- be it glossy   youth, or  textured aged wisdom, anatomical  wonder or professionally related over indulgence.

Hopefully, by the time you turn the page, which studies show to be 30 seconds at best, and then we are distracted or on to something else, subjectively you can feel that that person I could share an elevator ride with.

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